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Public Adjuster Georgia



We read your entire policy and inspect the property from your covered loss. We take photos and document all damages to present our case to the insurer.


Based on your policy and the condition of your loss, we create the best plan of action to ensure you are covered to the fullest extent of your policy.


We negotiate directly with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure you are compensated fully for your covered loss.


While keeping you informed every step of the way, we settle for the maximum amount and with less headache for you.

Southeast's Leading Public Adjuster


A Public Adjuster is a certified claims professional that advocates during the claims process for the insured. The same way an insurance company has adjusters who represent them, you will have a public adjuster representing you. Hiring a Public Adjuster allows property owners to receive the maximum amount of indemnification for their claim. ​


Your assigned Public Adjuster will meet with you at the location of your loss and evaluate the damage and your policy. Once assessed, we will file your claim if you haven't already, meet for an inspection with your insurance company, handle all necessary paperwork and phone calls and then negotiate the settlement. We are able to expedite the claims process so you get paid quicker.


We may be referred to you by a contractor, but we are employed by the homeowner. We receive a small percentage from the total claim amount so our goal is to maximize your claim in every way possible. We do not get paid unless your claim is approved.


The services of a Public Adjuster are beneficial if you have a claim that has been denied, underpaid, or a new claim that you need assistance with. Public Adjusters almost always substantially increase the settlement value of a claim.


How we keep you in the loop

You discover that there has been a sudden/accidental loss to your property.

Step 1

Call Precision Public Adjusting for an immediate evaluation of your damage and policy.

Step 2

PPA will call your insurance company and file your claim.

Step 3

If we, or your chosen contractor, have not been out to your property, we will send someone to assess the damage and gather evidence to create a damage report and estimate to submit to your insurance carrier.

Step 4

We schedule a meeting at your property with the insurance company’s adjuster

Step 5

We negotiate with your insurance company to ensure you receive all of the coverage within your policy to properly get you back to pre-loss condition.

Step 6

We coordinate payments with your chosen contractor to execute the repairs.

Step 7

We finalize the claim with photographic evidence of repair completion to ensure everything is properly documented for any future losses.

Step 8

We get homeowners compensated FULLY and FAIRLY for their losses, big and small.

Southeast's Leading Public Adjuster

Please contact us for a FREE claim evaluation. In the unlikely event that there is no success on our end to retrieve funds for your loss, then there is no money owed. We do get paid unless you do, and we are both financially and ethically motivated to recover the maximum amount possible for your covered loss. Our property owners are never responsible for a fee, or sum of money, unless there is a payout from the insurance company, and our fee is taken out of those recovered funds.

We review hundreds of policies and claims on a monthly basis, and know how to recover the maximum amount that you are rightfully owed based on your contract with your insurance company. We know what the insurance companies are looking for when it comes to documentation, verbiage, photographic evidence and estimate writing, and that reflects in our massive success in getting claims approved and maximized!

Dealing with a loss to your home or business is a headache at best, and a nightmare at worst. Especially with large losses that displace your family or your business, the last thing you want to have to deal with is handling the entire claim on your own. Precision Public Adjusting takes the strenuous and demanding task of handling your insurance claim and places it into the hands of a claims handling professional with your best interest in mind. 

Should I hire a Insurance Adjuster for my claim instead of an Attorney?

Attorneys are great muscle for fighting insurance companies but so are Georgia Public Adjusters for a fraction of the cost. PA’s do this day in and day out for a living and know exactly how to effectively deal with the insurance companies. In fact, we handle so many claims that we will likely get the same adjuster that we have had on many prior claims and know how they operate and what we need to do to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Additionally, PA’s get paid off of a percentage of the claim. Attorney’s typically do the same, but charge an additional retainer which can be upwards of $10k+.

Our recommendation is starting your claim with a Public Adjuster, and if the PA isn’t able to get the results based on the coverage allowed in your policy, then your PA should recommend retaining an attorney for the remainder of your claim.

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If you are suffering from a home or business loss, we can help!

If you are experiencing a weather related emergency in your home please contact us for a call from one of our licensed adjusters within 2 hrs.
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