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In Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding areas, there can unfortunately be a variety of losses occurring to homes and businesses. Although any type of property loss can happen, some of the most common losses to damage properties are weather-related damage such as wind and hail, fallen trees and non-weather related water damage.

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, you should have your property inspected once per year to check for wind and hail damage. Catching this damage before it creates bigger issues (think massive interior damage and mold) can be the difference of a minor loss to a major loss. Water loves to find its way inside and what better way to do that than by holes caused by hail strikes and flapping shingles caused by high wind speeds or gusts.

Another common loss is non-weather related water damage. This can be caused by frozen pipes, bursting valves and plumbing related issues. Water is a sneaky little sucker and can find its way into places you didn’t even know existed! Unfortunately, once one of these causes of loss occurs, it’s incredibly hard to stop it from spreading. Water damage claims are often major and can displace you from your home or business for an unprecedented amount of time.

Basic roof damage claims are typically quicker and easier to get our property owners back to normal. If you would rather be safe than sorry, we are happy to have one of our unbiased licensed adjusters inspect your roof for possible damage free of charge. Water damage is much more extensive and time consuming. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can expect to possibly be displaced from your home during the repairs process. 

Whether the property you own is residential, commercial or industrial, insurance companies love to either deny or underpay losses. Our Utah Public Adjuster is here and ready to be your advocate during the process of your claim whether it’s for a seemiling basic roof damage claim, or a large loss claim such as the examples above. It is never too early to call us for a consultation, as the sooner we are brought on to a loss the more successful we are monetarily and time-wise. We do not get paid unless we are successful in recovering funds for your loss. 

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Fire Damage Claim Services

What to Expect

  • You discover that you had a catastrophic loss of some kind (fire, water, mold, hail, wind, asbestos, vandalism, etc.)
  • Call your insurance company immediately to file a claim or call Precision Public Adjusting FIRST and we will file the claim for you, knowing exactly how to answer the insurance company’s slew of important questions.
  • If you haven’t already, call Precision Public Adjusting (PPA) for a no-obligation assessment regarding your loss. Having your policy ready to send us for examination is extremely helpful.
  • PPA will come to your property to assess the damages, take photos and measurements, and collect copies of any receipts or proof of expenses you’ve incurred so far
  • We will then create a full damage report including an estimate for all repairs, photos, receipts and any other pertinent information
  • Any immediate needs are addressed and coordinated through PPA- housing, living expenses, water mitigation, etc.
  • We will schedule an adjuster’s meeting with your insurance company. We will meet your adjuster at your property at their earliest convenience and walk them through the damages
  • At this point negotiation begins and we don’t settle until you receive the full amount of funds owed by your insurance company per your policy
  • Repairs are coordinated through PPA and contractors communicate directly with us regarding scheduling, billing and scope of work
  • All funds go to PPA and we pay your contractors and repair companies directly
  • Once all repairs are completed and you are back in your home or business, we send in a Notice of Completion with photographic evidence to the insurance company to complete the claim

Fire Damage Salt Lake City

How long does it take to settle a fire loss claim?

Depending on the severity of the fire damage and the workload of the insurance company (wide-spread natural disasters such as wildfires or hurricanes will slow down the process) it could take anywhere from 2-12 months to get you back in your home. We realize that range could be heartbreaking but rest assured that our number one goal as a Public Adjusting company is to complete claims as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure you and your family or business is displaced for as little amount of time as possible.

Water Loss

Water losses are typically sudden and accidental and can be detrimental to your home or business. Urgency is of the utmost importance after these types of losses because damage can unknowingly spread quickly. Please contact a professional to assess your damages as soon as possible to make sure that even your hidden damage gets covered under your policy.

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Other types of claims we specialize in handling are hail, wind, vandalism, mold,
asbestos, casualty (crime-scene damages), tornado, and more.

If you are experiencing a weather related emergency in your home please contact us for a call from one of our licensed adjusters within 2 hrs.
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