What is a Public Adjuster?
A Public Adjuster is a licensed claims professional who advocates for the policyholder in the handling of your insurance claim.
What does a Public Adjuster do?
A Public Adjuster is a licensed adjuster who represents the homeowner, not the insurance company. We handle the claim from start to finish, expediting the claims process, ensuring you are completely indemnified to pre-loss conditions. ​
When should I hire a Public Adjuster?
If you have a complicated claim, a denied claim or an underpaid claim, it would be beneficial to hire a Public Adjuster to ensure you are compensated fairly for your loss.
What type of claims can a Public Adjuster help with?
Storm damaged roofs, flooding, fire damage, smoke damage, and vandalism are common types of losses that we deal with.
How does a Public Adjuster get paid?
Public Adjusters get paid a small percentage of the total claim amount. We do not get paid unless your claim gets bought by your insurance company.
How long will my claim take?

We make every effort to ensure the quickest turnaround time possible for your claim, but this mostly depends on your insurance carrier. We have seen claims approved in as quickly as 4 weeks for some claims (primarily wind/hail) or over a year for more complex claims (primarily tree/fire).

What if my claim was previously denied?
If your claim was previously denied, we will need the prior repair estimate from your insurance company, or denial letter that they would have given to you. We will then submit the proper documentation to your insurance company to initiate a reinspection to get a second opinion from them on your damages. ​
What happens if my insurance company refuses to pay my claim?
Although there are multiple steps we can take to get your claim bought such as filing for a reinspection and sending your claim to appraisal, there are some instances where our resources become exhausted and the only other recourse is litigation.
Who do I reach out to regarding status updates for my claim?
You will be appointed a project manager at the beginning of your claim, and they will be your main point of contact regarding the status of your claim.
If you are experiencing a weather related emergency in your home please contact us for a call from one of our licensed adjusters within 2 hrs.
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