We specialize in commercial losses ranging from small plumbing leaks to massive churches and metal buildings. It’s easy to imagine that the larger the claim the less insurance wants to pay out. Properties of this size and magnitude need an evaluation by an expert to ensure every avenue is explored. We only get paid when you do! Don’t wait until things get bad to bring in a PA, the sooner the better. When having a major loss to a commercial building, you will incur subsequent costs to the loss such as Business Interruption and Loss of Use. We know how to successfully obtain coverage for these seemingly minute costs that will sometimes add up to as much as your actual loss. 

The Church shown is in the Atlanta area, was initially offered $1,500 for their loss. With the help of PPA, we were able to get the claim settled at over $1.4M which is what the policyholder was rightfully owed for his roof damage. Contact us today for more information on how we can help get your commercial claim approved! If requested, references can be provided.”



If you are experiencing a weather related emergency in your home please contact us for a call from one of our licensed adjusters within 2 hrs.
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