Why Work With Us


We always strive for a 4-6 week turn around time.
We understand that you and your team count on consistent cash flow and we make it our mission to complete claim settlements in a timely manner.


We share our live updates with you, giving you 24/7 updates to your claims! You will be assigned a project manager who will know exactly what's going on with your claims who you can call anytime with questions.


From beginning to end, we keep you and your homeowners updated and informed throughout the process. You are referring your clients to us and we always strive for superb customer service.


Our team of highly skilled supplementers maximize each claim, with an average of 20-50% increase, while keeping in line with our moral compass and not charging for items that were not used or for labor that was not performed.

How we keep you in the loop

Public Insurance Adjuster

Please contact us for a FREE claim evaluation. In the unlikely event that there is no success on our end to retrieve funds for your loss, then there is no money owed. We do get paid unless you do, and we are both financially and ethically motivated to recover the maximum amount possible for your covered loss. Our property owners are never responsible for a fee, or sum of money, unless there is a payout from the insurance company, and our fee is taken out of those recovered funds.


When should I use a public insurance adjuster?
A Public Adjuster is a certified claims professional that advocates during the claims process for the insured. The same way an insurance company has adjusters who represent them, you will have a public adjuster representing you. Hiring a Public Adjuster allows property owners to receive the maximum amount of indemnification.
I don't want to recommend filing a claim to my client if it doesn't have a good chance of getting settled. How do I know if it's worth it?
The last thing we want to do is waste your time, our time, and the client's time. Our contractors are welcome to call us at any time to get an honest opinion on whether the damage is claim worthy. We are always honest about our evaluations and will always tell you if we don't think it has a good chance of approval, or even if we think you can handle the claim on your own.
How do we get paid? How do you get paid?
Our name will be on each insurance check along with the insured, and the check will be mailed by the carrier to our office. As soon as the check arrives, we invoice you (the contractor) and take our fee out of the insurance proceeds. We then pay you directly after the check is endorsed by the homeowner. We do not get paid unless the claim is approved.
Does bringing in a PA make my company look bad to the carrier?
Absolutely not! Insurance companies love working with us and we have created many positive relationships with the adjusters we work with. We do not 'bull-dog' adjusters the way other PA's do. Our reputation is the most important thing to us and we represent ourselves in a manner that reflects positively on our company as well as yours. When there is a disagreement regarding a claim, we remain professional and take other avenues to get the claim settled rather than causing scenes and damaging relationships.
Do you supplement every claim?
Yes! We maximize each and every claim we get our hands on. Not to take advantage of the insurance company but do get what the homeowner is owed based on their policy.

We take denied and under paid claims to full paid settlements!

Public insurance adjuster near me

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If you are experiencing a weather related emergency in your home please contact us for a call from one of our licensed adjusters within 2 hrs.
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